Breathing Brings Benefits Infographic

Take deep breaths to trigger healthful responses.

Young woman standing outside in the sun with arms outstretched.

Positive responses from your body.

Did you know? Taking slow, deep breaths can prompt several positive responses within your body.

Deep breathing can:

  • Help to manage stress and even pain
  • Reduce feelings of anxiety and depression
  • Stabilize (or lower) your blood pressure
  • Send more oxygen to your body’s organs
  • Promote calm, by affecting your nervous system

Involuntary, but also controllable.

Of course, you go on breathing without ever thinking about it. But you can control your breathing, with just a little effort. That means you can get the many benefits of deep breathing whenever you need to!

Try “4-7-8 breathing.”

There are a handful of deep breathing techniques you can try. For example, with “4-7-8 breathing,” you inhale through your nose for four counts, then hold that breath for seven counts. Finally, exhale through your mouth (slowly) for eight counts.

Make it part of your routine.

Check out our “Habit Coach” videos if you want to make deep breathing exercises a healthy habit!

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