Work Out With Peer Support

Multi-ethnic friends running or jogging outdoors

Peer support groups are used in many situations to help meet their goals, and fitness is no exception.  Seeking out like-minded people can help you:

  • Make progress.
  • Keep motivated.
  • Stay accountable. 

Here are six sources of support:

  1. Friends and family: Loved ones who live with you or near you are a great choice to help you meet your goals. (Plus, you’ll be helping them improve their own health.) Suggest a daily or weekly “workout date” with a friend or family member and promise to hold each other accountable to keep the date. Doing an activity with another person doubles as social time and will make fitness seem like less of a chore.
  2. Walking clubs: The American Heart Association has all the resources you need to join a walking club or start your own.
  3. Local fitness stores: Many locally owned fitness stores, especially those that focus on specific sports such as yoga and running, offer clubs or programs you can join.
  4. Charity/fundraising teams: Many charities host walks, runs, triathlons and other events to raise funds and awareness. Look on local charity websites for a team you can join to train for an event in your area. Look for a Heart Walk near you. 
  5. Neighborhood boot camps: Seek out a “boot camp” workout in your area. Many fitness trainers offer discounted programs at local parks and recreation centers.
  6. Sport-specific clubs or groups: If your fitness routine includes a specific activity such as tai chi, cycling or dance, search online for people in your area who gather regularly. This will provide you with a specific time and place for the activity, and you’ll meet new friends who share your passion!