Financial Stress Losing Money Infographic

Financial stress infographic


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2 Hidden Ways You Might Be Losing Money

82% of U.S. adults report feeling stressed about money.

These tips can help you save money and feel better.

Stop food waste and save on groceries

There could be $1,500 hiding in your grocery bags.

The average family of four loses about $125 a month in uneaten food.

  • See what you already have before you shop.
  • Use a shopping list.
  • Don’t shop on an empty stomach.
  • Look for the sales, especially on produce.
  • Buy store brands which are usually cheaper.
  • Buy frozen or canned fruit and veggies which often cost less.

Stop the subscription creep

Most of us underestimate subscription costs.

The average is $219 per month, but most people guess $86.

  • Ask: “Is it really a necessity?” “Will it make me happier and healthier?”
    • CANCEL “Not using it” “High Cost, hardly used”
    • RECONSIDER “Low cost, hardly used”
    • KEEP “Highly used and valued”
  • Set a reminder to cancel new services before they charge or renew.
  • Don’t forget about subscriptions for music, gaming, dating, meal kits, pet supplies or cloud storage.