Get Active with Dad this Father's Day

Get Active with Dad

What better way to celebrate Dad than by doing something that is beneficial to your health? Here are some fun ways for you and Dad to get outdoors and be physically active on his special day:

  • Play his favorite sport with him. Does he like golf? Go to the driving range to hit a round of golf balls. Baseball? Go to the park for a game of catch. Football? Set up a game of flag football with your family or friends. Soccer? Grab a ball and practice together in your yard or at the park. He'll appreciate the thoughtfulness and you'll spend quality time together while being physically active!
  • Help with the chores. Give Dad a coupon good for one day of helping him with chores around the house. Offer to help rake leaves, mow the lawn, paint the fence or wash the car. Go the extra mile by offering to do an entire chore for him!
  • Go to the park. Spend some quality time outdoors in the fresh air. Whether you're playing on the playground or playing a game of catch, make sure to keep your hearts pumping and bodies moving.
  • Take a bike tour. Ride through your neighborhood or community. Ask Dad to point out his favorite parts of town while you point out yours. You'll be physically active while learning a little bit more about each other and your community! If biking isn't an option, walk or roller blade. And remember safety - always wear your helmet and knee pads.
  • Get the Dads together for a game! Ask your friends, neighbors, cousins and their dads to meet up for a pickup game of flag football, basketball, baseball, kickball, tennis, roller hockey, etc. Pack a healthy picnic or snack to enjoy after the game. Remember to stay hydrated and drink lots of water.

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