How to Strengthen Willpower Infographic

How to Boost Willpower Infographic

Willpower Up!

Accentuating the positive can help to improve your willpower. 

Try a few of these tips to strengthen your willpower so you can keep positive habits going strong.

Arrange your environment.

  • Clean: Get rid of your temptations, so you don’t have to resist them.   
  • Commit: Make plans with a friend who can hold you accountable.
  • Avoid all-or-nothing thinking: Celebrate any progress you make.  

Boost your willpower in the moment.

  • Practice positive self-talk: Say "not now, maybe later" to get the devil off your shoulder when you're tempted.
  • Distract: Give your impulse a chill pill by focusing on something else for a few minutes.  
  • Hide: Remove the temptation from plain sight or remove yourself from the situation. 

Strengthen your ongoing willpower.

  • Meditate:  A 10-minute mindful meditation session every morning can help improve impulse control over time. 
  • Sleep: Getting quality sleep will help you feel rested and energetic the next day which can help you stick to your positive choices. 

Excuse your setbacks.

  • Forgive yourself: You’re human, after all! Give yourself a break when you deviate from the path, and you’ll be more likely to get back on it.

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