Loving-Kindness Meditation Infographic

Loving Kindness Meditation infographic

Loving-kindness meditation is a way to practice feeling unconditional compassion for ourselves and all beings. Some studies suggest it can help boost your empathy and feelings of connection and reduce bias, anger, depression and anxiety.

How does it work?

Sit quietly and direct kindness and love to yourself, then expand in circles of compassion outward to others.

  1. Yourself: Direct kindness and compassion to yourself by repeating a thought such as, “May I be happy.”
  2. Family and friends: Direct your kindness to someone you love or care about by repeating, “May __________ be happy.”
  3. Someone neutral: Think about someone you feel neutral about, such as a coworker, neighbor or acquaintance and direct your compassion to this person by name.
  4. Someone difficult: Think about someone you dislike or have a tough time being around. Direct your kindness to this person by name.
  5. Group: Think about all of these people together and equally direct your kindness to all of them by saying, “May they be happy.”
  6. Everyone: Finally, direct your kindness everywhere. “May all beings everywhere be happy.”

You can change the thought or phrase or combine words, such as:

  • May I be at peace
  • May I be loved
  • May I be healthy and strong

Start with just a few minutes and gradually extend your time. Try it today and see if loving-kindness meditation can bring more happiness and well-being to your life.

Download a PDF in English or Spanish