Mindful Eating Infographic

Mindful EatingMake Every Bite a Meditation

If you want to put healthier eating habits on the menu, mindfulness may be a simple and effective place to start! It’s not about dieting or restrictions – it’s about taking a moment to take it in.

Try these easy ways to incorporate mindful eating into your day, so you can Eat Smart at every meal:

Ponder: Check in with yourself about your hunger before you eat – you may actually be thirsty, bored or stressed. 

Appraise: Take a moment to take it in.  How does it smell? Do you really want it? Is it more than you need?

Slow: Slow down so your brain can keep up with your stomach.  Put your fork down between bites and focus on the flavor.

Savor: Enjoy your food.  Take a moment to savor the satisfaction of each bite – the taste, texture, everything!

Stop:  Stop when you’re full – there’s no need to join the clean plate club if it means overeating.

Try one or more of these tactics to help you eat more mindfully.  And for more ways to be Healthy for Good, visit heart.org/healthyforgood

Download a PDF of this infographic.